17th July 2016 Woodland Tree of Life finished

17th July 2016 Woodland Tree of Life finished Good evening. My first proper tree of life is now finished, using two colours of millspun wool and a variety of wood beads. The piece instantly reminded me of woodland in early winter, with its tree design and earthy colours. The gorgeous browns of fallen leaves littering the woodland floor and bare branches of the trees heralding the onset of Winter.
The wool once knotted makes this piece look like it is felted, though it is purely the process of knotting which rubs the fibres against each other and to some extent hides the knots so from a distance it looks quite different and not like a piece of macramé.
Because the wool is quite springy, it also gives the cords a spiral look when seperated to form the roots of the tree.
I am still using the wool as I bought it but I have bought a couple of dyes in two shades of green which I hope to try out soon.
I popped in to Earth Spirit on Friday. I took this piece with me and saw a lovely lady Lauren. She was just laying down plans for new artists so it was quite timely on my part. She is quite happy for me to put some of my pieces into the shop and does seem to think they will do well.
Hebden Bridge attracts a wide variety of visitors to the town and I am really happy that it is also my home town, though I have lived in Todmorden longer, it is still the town I was born in and has a special place in my heart.
If any of you find yourselves in the area, do visit both towns as you wont be disappointed with these beautiful Pennine places.
I will be on holiday from the end of next week until the second week of August, so although I will answer any queries and update the blog if possible, I wont be despatching any orders until I return.
Anne xx


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