Back with a spring in my step.

Back with a spring in my step. Summer has finally arrived in the Vale of Clwyd, touching the brave heads of the tender Bluebells with flickers of warm sunshine.
I am back in my workshop for the start of a new business year. The windowsill is dressed with the fragrant heads of some of the last of this years daffodils loosely arranged in a pretty, make shift recycled teapot vase that has lost its lid.
Twin boys Isaac and Sam, now 17 months old are in nursery 3 days a week to give me precious working time. Last week I attended a Marketing for Creatives course at Ruthin Craft Centre which has inspired and energised me into reaching out for new ways to sell my work directly to customers.
I am currently contacting events organizers to secure some bookings for itsAlchemy throughout the year. It is an exciting time and with the sunshine in the air I feel optimistic that this year will be a good one.

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