Dont give up

Well, thats two days of the Bank Holiday gone... Ive been to 2 totally different craft fairs this weekend already, and met some great crafters. I love how others will help with ideas and information, and one gentleman crafter in particular really gave me food for thought (more about this in a bit).

I started doing my fairy doors as presents for the great nieces and nephews, and this progressed to orders from friends and family. Of course its taken off a lot more, but I still need to think about what the customer wants. Just because I love everything fairy it doesnt mean everyone else does! Ive found that my Harry Potter doors go quickly, as do Hello Kitty doors - not what I envisaged myself doing originally, but I am enjoying broadening my horizons!

Anyway, back to the gentleman concerned: its always good for the old self-esteem if someone says something positive about your crafts, and I was especially pleased that he thought my doors were very good - being a wood crafter himself I took this as a sincere compliment. He informed me that, because of the type of crafting he does, he usually goes to fairs with a medieval theme he suggested I think about this avenue, and I didnt have to give it too much thought before I could see how my doors could go well at this type of event.

Ive already seen how the steam punk and Harry Potter doors go down and, being rustic in style, I do think my doors could be popular with enthusiasts. Even though it wasnt my original intention, we all have to look and see what will sell in the market place.

This is all getting rather serious, isnt it...? Im not exactly a business magnate, but I do see how you sometimes have to go off the beaten track a bit before finding your way!

Another new door Im doing is one with a nursery rhyme theme - these are purely etched using pyrography, and Ive really enjoyed testing my free-hand skills and coming up with what I hope will be popular designs.

Well, Im off to Croxteth Hall in Liverpool tomorrow, so if you fancy popping along, I look forward to seeing you!

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