Its been a while

What a fun few weeks Ive had, taking my doors to different events near and far! I do so wish I could reture early adn do this full-time: I love chatting with everyone at fairs and markets, especially the children, and get some great ideas for new doors all the time.

Ive ventured into Steampunk for the first time and have made 2 doors which, even if I say so myself, are rather spiffing!

Hello Kitty and Peppa Pig are not surprisingly popular with the youngsters, but those more advanced in their years are enjoying my doors too: fishing, gardening, cycling, sheds, bunny burrows and even a couple of shhh! 50 shades doors have hit the shelves! (Dropped a clanger when I ordered what I thought were very reasonably priced miniature handcuffs to embellish the door - 12 pairs of full size handcuffs only went and landed on my door mat - how do I get rid of those!???)

I really must blog a bit more regularly, so keep your eyes peeled, and Ill be back soon!

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