Saturday at Tynemouth market

I just wanted to share my thoughts on my day at Tynemouth market last Saturday. I would love to get some feedback from people who ever tried to sell their crafts in Tynemouth. I probably shouldnt rush in to any harsh decisions, but last Saturday wasnt the best for us. I keep on thinking about it and analysing what I couldve done differently. I tried to display my goods the best I could. I put canvases together, candles together, cards in one place, jewellery together. .. People noticed our stall, so that says to me that we had some attractive items. I let people browse my goods before jumping in with sales pitch. Is that what you do? Did I offered too many items? Do I have to keep going to same place until people know my face and remember my stall? Maybe it was just one of the bad days which happens to every business? Lots of questions for tonight. All I know is that I can not stop creating. I can not stop crafting. Frustration comes in when it comes to sales. I would appreciate if fellow crafters could share their thoughts about sales with me. Please help


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