1 year on

1 year on Well, one year on since starting my business! I have learnt so much in the past year. I have been to various types of venues from wedding fairs, village pubs and one day fetes to Country Houses and County Fairs. I have met some fabulous people who have given me tips and great feedback.

This has been a big learning curve for me having worked in financial institutions, working in an office for several decades. I love working from home and creating new designs for my purses whether they are beaded or in leather.

Out of the blue I was contacted by a gallery and asked to give them a sizeable number of bags for them to display and sell in their shop which was a great boost for me. I have occasionally asked myself have I made the right move, was this the right thing to do, but my husband is always there to give me that push. I understand now what people say in that the first year or so can be hard going in meeting your expectations.
My husband bought me a one day leather craft course for my birthday and I have become hooked on using this material! He bought it because he thought I have had many years of buying handbags of all shapes and sizes, it was about time I designed and created my own! The trouble is when I have finished one design I am always tempted to keep it for me to use!
I am currently making two new bags out of beautiful saffiano leather, a pink and a blue one and am very excited in how it will turn out when finished. The question is… which one will I keep??? :O)


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