Hello i am newbie

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Rasa and I am new in Craft fairs world. I have been crafting all my life, but now I am finally ready to show my creations to general public and not just friends and family. I use recycled materials for my crafts. I like to re purpose things. My bigest satisfaction comes from making something beautiful out of things nobody wants and 128522 My first attempt of selling my work was before Christmas 2015 when I offered some Christmas cards to my work colleagues. After it being success I set myself target to make some hearts for Valentines day for fundraising. Next step was Ashington craft fair just before Easter. Sadly it was cancelled, so everything I had prepared I decided to take to Tynemouth market. It was my first time to have a stall at the market. All though it was hard work with all the packing and unpacking with the help of my husband we managed to sell few items and enjoy the day. As I am working full time in social care sector, I only can do market on my days off. I will be at Tynemouth market again this Saturday 9th April, so if you are in the area please pop along. I would love to make craft minded friends. Drop me a line and introduce yourself. Lets craft together and 128522


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