Lets Get Crafting

Well, I thought it was about time I told you a bit about whats happening here in Fionas Fairy Door workshop: this is my first blog, so Ill keep it brief!

Fiona has really been working all of us fairies, and our friends the elves, really hard! Not that Im complaining mind - its just that I know that, with bank holiday fast approaching, were not going to get much of a break... I dont know where Ill find time to eat my Easter eggs! Its alright for Fiona - shes on one of those charity Dechox thingies, so she hasnt even bought an egg...

With TWO fairs this Easter weekend, Fionas made sure that the production line has never stopped. She gave us some great designs to work on, so I hope they go down well with the public.

So, if youve nothing better to do this weekend, why not pop along to Sandbach Town Hall on Saturday and bag yourself a magical Fairy Door. On Sunday Fionas taking us all along to Jenny Wrens at Caverswall - weve never been there before, and were all really excited!

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