How i started

As a child in the 1960s i was naturally talented with art work. I wasnt academically minded and always in trouble at school for not paying attention. Unless it was an art lesson. Then my attention went from 0 percent to 100 percent.
When it came to choosing options for GCSE exams from the lists given i chose art as one of three subjects to opt for. This worked out about 15 lessons of art a week. Fantastic. I actually enjoyed my last year at school. I passed GCSE Art with flying colours and was put in for O level art which i also passed.

I decided i didnt want to go to art college as i am a very out door kind of person and wanted a career with horses. I trained in equitation and passed my instructors exams. I was employed in various establishments and eventually ran my own Riding Schools in Wiltshire.

In the 1990s i changed direction. Giving up the horses i went into care work and worked in the community and a care home. I enjoyed the work very much but after an operation had to give it up.

This was the time during my recovery i re-discoverered my talent for art.
I started with pet potraits. Very popular very enjoyable, but time consuming. Then i experimented painting on glass. Also very popular but not every ones cup of tea. Candles and tiles were my next projects. Lots of fun to do but difficult to find a market.

My latest venture are my plaques. Here i have found the perfect niche. They are unique and afordable. I have already displayed them in a working market and found them very popular. Within the first hour of trading i had sold five. Please take a look and feel free to comment.


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