The London Heavy Horse Show EASTER MONDAY

The London Heavy Horse Show EASTER MONDAY

The London Harness Horse Parade

The London Harness Horse Parade takes place annually on Easter Monday at the South of England Showground in Ardingly, RH17 6TL. Steeped in tradition, the parade offers onlookers a glimpse into a world gone by. The Parade in its present form is actually an amalgam of two traditional parades - The London Cart Horse Parade, which was founded in 1885, and the London Van Horse Parade, which was founded in 1904. This year sees the 50th Anniversary of the joining of the two parades which happened in 1966 and Her Majesty the Queen is amongst the sponsors. This event runs from 8.30am till 2.30pm. Only early risers and the warm-blooded need apply! Due to the parade circling the building we cannot allow late entry so a cut off point for morning entry will be in place, possibly around 7.45am but this will be confirmed with the organisers nearer the time.

The event will be held in a north-facing open fronted barn (see picture below), there is lighting and access to power if required and roller shutters if the snow and rain are blowing from the North! We wont site any of the 25 craft stalls on the very edge of the front. The barn is situated at the top of the trade stands street, with the parade route going behind and to the side of the barn. The one-day attracts around 2500 visitors each year (weather dependent). Please note that we only have 25 places to allocate for this event and a short lead-time, so applications will close on Friday 19th February on this occasion.

Prices for this event are 15 per linear metre, table hire is 6 and chair hire is 2 per chair. Power is available on request. Therefore a 2m pitch is 30, 2.5m is 37.50, 3m is 45, 3.5 is 52.50 and 4m is 60 per day.

More information about this event can be found on the LHHPS website or their facebook page.


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