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“UKCraftFairs has brought our events more contacts with both crafters and customers. The interactions on the site have been most useful. I found the advice on setting up a fair absolutely invaluable. Generally I find this an expertly run organisation.“ Exhibitor - Ros Sharman

“We have made some great contacts through the UKCraftFairs site and will continue to use it. Its easy to use, practical and informative.“ Emma Gray, Organiser

You can read more testimonials on the about page.

Answering some of your questions

How much does membership cost?

There is only one membership level but you can choose to pay either £10 a quarter or £30 a year. There is nothing to pay after that not even for leads and contacts you make through the site. Also, you get our price guarantee that as long as you maintain your subscription payments without interruption the price will not go up for you. Subscription payments automatically renew based on your selected option, unless you cancel your subscription before the due date. You can cancel a subscription at any time.

There are no other costs for adding events or items to a shop window or contacting other members. No hidden fees or charges of any kind.

I am not based in the UK, can I join?

No, we are sorry but the site is only aimed at sellers and promoters based in the UK. All events listened must also be in the UK.

Which membership type is right for me?

All membership types can add a listing, list events, add blog posts, a show window, etc.. Each membership type has its own zone and a few differences. Which of the six membership types best describes you, so people can find you and interact with you:

How easy is it to add and maintain my details?

Adding a listing is quick and easy, requiring minimal technical skills, simply fill in a form or two and upload your pictures. The site does a lot of the work for you, adding structure to your content and placing links to your listing where people can find it.

Will we get listed in the weekly or monthly newsletter?

The weekly and monthly newsletters are sent to thousands of people are one of the ways we help to promote you as a member. Craft events are automatically added into craft weekly. The monthly craft news is all about quality and so if you write a good blog post or create a good listing, you may be featured.

What if I have more questions?

If you have not found the answers to your questions above, please feel free to contact us.