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Benefits you get include: Handcrafted in the uk

  • List your craft fairs - complete a simple form to add each of your arts and crafts events, to both promote it to people just before it takes place and to potential stallholders well in advance.
  • Promote your craft business - quickly and easily create and update a page telling potential customers about your arts and crafts products, events or services. We optimise your page for search engines, so that people can find you.
  • Connect with other members - access contact forms, enabling you to communicate with thousands of UK arts and crafts businesses.
  • Shared marketing - The site appears at or near the top of search engine results for organic search terms such as "craft fairs" and attracts tens of thousands of targeted visitors each month. Bringing together people creating and supporting a wide range of UK arts and crafts, enables you to benefit from shared marketing, advertising and communications resources, knowledge and experience.

and also ...

  • If you create handmade arts and crafts, you can display the 'handcrafted in the UK Badge' in your marketing materials
  • Automatic inclusion to the referral scheme
  • Reduced advertising on the site giving you a faster user interface
  • Possibility of you appearing in the newsletters
  • Links to your craft page appear in relevant sections sections of the site.

Features of your membership type

Join as an arts or crafts exhibitor looking for events at which to sell your work, an organiser seeking quality stallholders, visitors or attendees for your events or a supplier looking to sell your materials or services. You might have a venue suitable for hosting craft events, run a group (club, association, guild or society) looking for new members or print an arts and crafts publication and are looking for new readers. Each membership type has its own zone, where you can search for members who have added their own craft pages.

Adding a craft page is quick and easy, requiring no technical skills, simply fill in a form or two and upload your picture. The site does a lot of the work for you, adding structure to your content and placing links to your listing where people can find it.

Having an interesting and attractive page can help to more effectively promote your business and can include:

  • A short biography to highlight key features of your business or event, your mission statement or what inspired you on your creative journey.
  • A picture representing your arts and crafts work, showing the type of materials or services you supply or showing your venue or shop.
  • A good description of what you create and how, the range of what you supply, the events you run or your venue facilities to help people appreciate what you do.
  • Accurate contact and business details, that will help to ensure you are listed in the correct sections of the site and enable other members to contact you.

Setting up your membership is quick and easy:

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Membership listing types

For more information on adding a listing for each membership type, follow the links below:

Craft Event Organiser Listings - 1.20mb PDF
Craft Exhibitor Listings - 1.28mb PDF
Craft Supplier Listings - 1.14mb PDF
Craft Venue Listings - 1.13mb PDF
Craft Course Listings - 1.16mb PDF