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Arts and crafts in Strathclyde

Strathclyde has a population of around 2,243,245 and covers approximately 5,081 square miles. Here is a list of counties in Strathclyde: Argyll and Bute, East Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire, West Dunbartonshire.

Campbell Armstrong

(Born 1944 in NA in Glasgow City), Fiction

Armstrong wrote around two dozen novels, many set in his home town of Glasgow. He also wrote his memoirs, published in 2000 called All That Really Matters.

Muirhead Bone

(Born 1876 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Etching,Painting

He was known as a Scottish watercolour and drypoint artist and an etcher, although originally he was trained as an architect. His works were mainly landscapes, industry and architecture focusing on urban construction and demolition sites. In 1916 he was appointed as Britains first official war artist.

James Guthrie

(Born 1859 in Greenock in East Renfrewshire), Painting

James Guthrie lived most of his life in the Sottish Borders. He was influenced by the French Realists and one of his notable works was A Hinds Daughter (1883).

Dugald Sutherland MacColl

(Born 1859 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Painting

Dugald Sutherland MacColl was a Scottish watercolour painter but was best known as an art writer and lecturer. One of his works was On The Terrace (1922).

David Murray

(Born 1849 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Painting

Sir David Murray was well known as a Scottish landscape painter. One of his notable works was My Love Has Gone A-Sailing which was exhibited in 1884 and purchased by the Chantrey Trustees for the Tate Gallery.

Robert Walker Macbeth

(Born 1848 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Etching, Painting

Robert Walker Macbeth was known as a Scottish painter etcher and watercolourist, particularly specialising in pastoral landscape.

Marion Adams Acton

(Born 1846 in Brodick in North Ayrshire), Fiction, Nonfiction

She often wrote under the pseudonym of Jeanie Hering and was a prolific writer of fiction. She also wrote non-fiction, mostly about dogs.

Hamilton Macallum

(Born 1841 in Kames in Argyll and Bute), Painting

Hamilton Macallum was a Scottish painter. He painted the Scottish Highlands from a small yacht and his favourite subject was sunlight.

William McTaggart

(Born 1835 in Kintyre in Argyll and Bute), Art,Painting

William McTaggart, Scottish artist, was known for his landscape paintings.

William Hart

(Born 1823 in Paisley in Glasgow City), Painting

William Hart travelled to America with his family as a child. In New York he was an apprentice carriage painter where he decorated the panels of coaches with landscapes. He returned to Scotland to study for three years before returning back to New York where he opened a studio.

John Henning

(Born 1771 in Paisley in Renfrewshire), Sculpture

A self-taught sculpture who created a miniature of the Parthanon.

Robert Burns

(Born 1759 in Alloway in South Ayrshire), Poetry

He was a poet and lyricist and is considered as the national poet of Scotland and a pioneer of the romantic movement. Among his many notable works, is his poem and song Auld Lang Syne which is usually sung at Hogmanay.