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Scotland has a population of around 5,278,245 and covers approximately 29,896 square miles. Here is a list of regions in Scotland: Borders, Central, Dumfries and Galloway, Fife, Grampian, Highland, Lothian, Northern Isles, Strathclyde, Tayside, Western Isles.

Angus Suttie

(Born 1946 in Tealing in Angus), Pottery and ceramics

Angus Suttie was a studio potter and a teacher of art ceramics. In his early work he mainly formed his articles with rolled slabs of leather clay to create geometric forms which he cut and reassembled into larger forms. In his later works his designs became less rectangular and more organic in their appearance as abstract contemporary ceramics.

Campbell Armstrong

(Born 1944 in Glasgow City), Fiction

Armstrong wrote around two dozen novels, many set in his home town of Glasgow. He also wrote his memoirs, published in 2000 called All That Really Matters.

Iain Macmillan

(Born 1938 in Dundee in Dundee City), Photography

Iain Macmillan was a Scottish photographer. One of his many notable photographs was the cover photo that he took for The Beatles album Abbey Road in 1969.

Derick Thomson

(Born 1921 in Bayble in Eilean Siar), Poetry

A writer of poetry as well a the creator of poetry anthologies. He wrote most of his works in Scottish Gaelic, in which he was know as Ruaraidh MacThňmais.

Dame Muriel Sarah Spark

(Born 1918 in Bruntsfield in Edinburgh), Fiction, Poetry

She was named one of Britains greatest writers. One of her early works was The Comforters, in which the main character begins to realise that she is a character in a novel.

Sorley MacLean

(Born 1911 in Raasay in Highland), Poetry

MacLean was an influential poet, accredited with a renascence in the Gaelic language after deciding to write his poetry in his native tongue.

Tom Anderson, Dr

(Born 1910 in Eshaness in Shetland Islands), Music

Tom Anderson was a Shetland fiddler, composer and teacher. From an early age he composed fiddle tunes and during his lifetime he composed over 300 melodies. In 1977 he was recognised by being awarded an MBE.

Thomas Alexander Robertson

(Born 1909 in Westerwick in Shetland Islands), Poetry

Thomas Alexander Robertson was better known by his pen name Vagaland. He is considered to be the most prominent Shetland poet of the 20th century.

William MacTaggart

(Born 1903 in Loanhead in Midlothian), Painting

Know as William MacTaggart the Younger, so as not to be confused with hisgran father. He was a landscape painter who captured images of Scotland and countries around Europe.

William Soutar

(Born 1898 in Perth in Perth and Kinross), Fiction, Poetry

A noted literary figure in Scotland, who wrote in both Braid Scots which helped to make him popular in Scotland and in English.

William Lamb

(Born 1893 in Montrose in Angus), Sculpture

He focused his talent on the working class of his home town.

Dorothy Johnstone

(Born 1892 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Painting

Dorothy was an accomplished Scottish artist, painter and watercolourist. The daughter of George Whitton Johnstone.

George Henry Paulin

(Born 1888 in Muckhart in Clackmannanshire), Art, Sculpture

George Henry Paulin was a notable Scottish sculptor and artist of the 20th century. Among others he created the statue of Pavlova in the Garden of Remembrance, London and the statue of Lord Lister in Kevinggrove Park in Glasgow.

Donald MacDonald

(Born 1887 in North Uist in Eilean Siar), Poetry

He was known as the Red Donald of Coruna. A well known Scottish War poet who wrote in Scottish Gaelic.

Edwin Muir

(Born 1887 in Deerness in Orkney Islands), Fiction, Poetry

Edwin Muir was a poet, novelist and translator. He published seven volumes of poetry and wrote three novels and is remembered for his intensely felt and realistic poetry.

Duncan Grant

(Born 1885 in Rothiemurchus in Highland), Painting

Duncan Grant, British artist, was a member of the Bloomsbury Group and as well as being a painter, he also made pottery and designed textiles and theatre sets.

Muirhead Bone, Sir

(Born 1876 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Etching, Painting

He was known as a Scottish watercolour and drypoint artist and an etcher, although originally he was trained as an architect. His works were mainly landscapes, industry and architecture focusing on urban construction and demolition sites. In 1916 he was appointed as Britains first official war artist.

Sholto Johnstone Douglas

(Born 1871 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Painting

Sholto Johnstone Douglas, Scottish artist, painted portraits and landscapes.

Samuel John Peploe

(Born 1871 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Art, Painting

Famous for among other things one of the most expensive Scottish paintings sold auction, Still Life with Coffee Pot.

Mary Symon

(Born 1863 in Dufftown in Moray), Poetry

This Moravian is among the finest Scots war poets. She is a poet of national importance. Her collected poems were published in 1933 in Deveron Days.

James Guthrie, Sir

(Born 1859 in Greenock in East Renfrewshire), Painting

James Guthrie lived most of his life in the Sottish Borders. He was influenced by the French Realists and one of his notable works was A Hinds Daughter (1883).

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir

(Born 1859 in Edinburgh), Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Theatre

A rather famous Scottish writer. Perhaps best known for crime fiction novels about a detective named, Sherlock Holmes. He was a prolific writer of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, historical novels and plays.

Dugald Sutherland MacColl

(Born 1859 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Painting

Dugald Sutherland MacColl was a Scottish watercolour painter but was best known as an art writer and lecturer. One of his works was On The Terrace (1922).

David Murray, Sir

(Born 1849 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Painting

Sir David Murray was well known as a Scottish landscape painter. One of his notable works was My Love Has Gone A-Sailing which was exhibited in 1884 and purchased by the Chantrey Trustees for the Tate Gallery.

Robert Walker Macbeth

(Born 1848 in Glasgow in Glasgow City), Etching, Painting

Robert Walker Macbeth was known as a Scottish painter etcher and watercolourist, particularly specialising in pastoral landscape.