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Arts and crafts in Lothian

Lothian has a population of around 833,000 and covers approximately 660 square miles. Here is a list of counties in Lothian: East Lothian, Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian.



Gorebridge, Edinburgh

Elfy is a silver jeweller who has created elegant and, out of the box, designs. She has worked with numerous clients to create timeless ...

Aromabg Ltd

Aromabg Ltd

Broxburn, West Lothian

Aromabg Ltd is operating within Scotland providing all customers with 100% natural organic cosmetics specifically developed in the Land ...

Unit 11 Fabrications Ltd

Unit 11 Fabrications Ltd

Humbie, East Lothian

Situated at the foot of the Lammermuir hills, in the quiet village of Humbie, South East Scotland - Unit 11 Fabrications Ltd are makers ...

Lucy Laidlaw

Lucy Laidlaw

Gullane, East Lothian

Lucy, the proprietor of Scottish Fairies, lives and works in Scotland producing a range of beautifully hand-crafted, individual fairy mobiles. ...

Craft and Cake

Craft and Cake

Dunbar, East Lothian

Finding it works to provide coffee and cake at any craft event. Visitors seem to love the ability to browse the crafts and then relax with ...

Beads and Other Supplies Lothian Area

Beads and Other Supplies  Lothian Area

Dunbar, East Lothian

All of the bead shops known to me in the Lothians area have sadly closed, a sign of the times perhaps! Does anyone know of shops which ...

Update on June Fair

Update on June Fair

Dunbar, East Lothian

The Community Craft Company held their most recent fair on 5th June. Successes: - promoting event with guest Star Wars characters - providing ...

Promoting Craft Fairs

Promoting Craft Fairs

Dunbar, East Lothian

Im trying to improve the promotion of my local fair. I currently distribute posters, flyers, advertise on local radio, and use Social Media ...

Muriel Sarah Spark

(Born 1918 in Bruntsfield in Edinburgh), Fiction, Poetry

She was named one of Britains greatest writers. One of her early works was The Comforters, in which the main character begins to realise that she is a character in a novel.

William MacTaggart

(Born 1903 in Loanhead in Midlothian), Painting

Know as William MacTaggart the Younger, so as not to be confused with hisgran father. He was a landscape painter who captured images of Scotland and countries around Europe.

Dorothy Johnstone

(Born 1892 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Painting

Dorothy was an accomplished Scottish artist, painter and watercolourist. The daughter of George Whitton Johnstone.

Sholto Johnstone Douglas

(Born 1871 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Painting

Sholto Johnstone Douglas, Scottish artist, painted portraits and landscapes.

Samuel John Peploe

(Born 1871 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Art, Painting

Famous for among other things one of the most expensive Scottish paintings sold auction, Still Life with Coffee Pot.

Arthur Conan Doyle

(Born 1859 in Edinbrgh in Edinburgh), Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Theatre

A rather famous Scottish writer. Perhaps best known for crime fiction novels about a detective named, Sherlock Holmes. He was a prolific writer of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, historical novels and plays.

William Quiller Orchardson

(Born 1832 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Painting

Sir William Quiller Orchardson, Scottish painter, was known for his paintings of historic and domestic scenes.

William Calder Marshall

(Born 1813 in Edinburgh), Sculpture

A Scottish sculptor, who was commission for many public monuments for St Pauls, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

John Cheyne

(Born 1777 in Leith in Edinburgh), Nonfiction

He was a well respected doctor who wrote a number of books on the Larynx (voice box) and childhood diseases.

Alexander Nasmyth

(Born 1758 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Painting

Nasmyth was a Scottish landscape and portrait painter. One of his best known works is the portrait of his friend and poet Robert Burns. His impressive landscapes include View of Tantallon Castle and the Bass Rock. In addition to painting he also was an engineer and was involved with the designing and building of several bridges.

Henry Raeburn

(Born 1756 in Stockbridge in Edinburgh), Painting

Scottish portrait artist. Most famous for his portrait of Sir John Sinclair.

Allan Ramsay

(Born 1713 in Edinburgh in Edinburgh), Painting

Accomplished Scottish painter. Perhaps best known for his portraits of George III in around 1762 and The Lost Portrait of Charles Edward Stuart 1745. He was also the teacher of Alexander Nasmyth.