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Arts and crafts in Grampian

Grampian has a population of around 563,000 and covers approximately 3,371 square miles. Here is a list of counties in Grampian: Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Moray.

Glass Bear

Glass Bear

OldMeldrum, Aberdeenshire

Glass Bear is a family run business that hand makes glass art to order. We are dedicated to making truly unique items that are long lasting ...

Nordic Zen

Nordic Zen

Leeds, Aberdeen City

Nordic zen is a handcrafted natural candle store. Our products range from natural and vegan, soy and coconut wax candles, tealights, candle ...

Special Knits and Gifts

Special Knits and Gifts

Kent, Aberdeen City

Handmade knitted and crocheted items for babies and young children plus general gifts suitable for young and old, to include many nostalgia ...

Coppertop Candles

Coppertop Candles

Surrey, Aberdeen City

Distinctively simple and sophisticated design, that incorporates the brand name (and me as a natural Redhead!) that look special in any ...

Old Barn Leather

Old Barn Leather

Forres, Moray

I produce a range of entirely hand carved, hand-stitched and lovingly finished leather book covers that can be used for journals, diaries, ...

Mary Symon

(Born 1863 in Dufftown in Moray), Poetry

This Moravian is among the finest Scots war poets. She is a poet of national importance. Her collected poems were published in 1933 in Deveron Days.

George Ashdown Audsley

(Born 1838 in Elgin in Moray), Fiction, Illustration, Music

He is well known as the designer of the Wanamaker Organ but was also an illustrator, architect and writer.

William Brodie

(Born 1815 in Banff in Aberdeenshire), Sculpture

Brodie created many portrait busts of the celebrities of his time.

William Dyce

(Born 1806 in Aberdeen in Aberdeenshire), Art

William Dyce, Scottish artist, helped to establish public art education in Britain.

John Robert Steel

(Born 1804 in Aberdeen in Aberdeenshire), Sculpture

Sir John Robert Steell, Scottish sculptor, is best known piece of work is the statue of Sir Walter Scott.

William Aikman

(Born 1682 in Carney in Aberdeenshire), Painting

William Cairney was a Scottish portrait painter. His style of art was aimed at imitating nature and he used soft and mild colouring and lighting in his work.