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Arts and crafts in Channel Islands

Channel Islands has a population of around 163,000 and covers approximately 76 square miles. Here is a list of counties in Channel Islands: Guernsey, Jersey.

Fanny Davies

(Born 1861 in Guernsey in Guernsey), Music

Fanny Davies was a British pianist born in Guernsey, giving her first performances at the age of six in Birmingham. She was particularly admired in Schumann, Brahms and Beethoven and was also a very early London performer of the works of Debussy and Scriabin.

Lillie Langtry

(Born 1853 in Jersey in Jersey), Theatre

Lillie Langtry was born Emilie Charlotte Le Breton and was known for her beauty and charm. She became an actress and producer, starring in many plays.

Denys Corbet

(Born 1826 in La Turquie Vale in Guernsey), Painting, Poetry

Denys Corbet was born at La Turquie Vale, Guernsey. He was a poet, naive painter and a school master. He mainly wrote in the Dgernesiais language which was used in Guernsey. Two examples of his poems are LTouar de Guernesey and Les Feuilles de la Foret. He is also known as a naive painter of cows and rural life.

Paul Jacob Naftel

(Born 1817 in Guernsey in Guernsey), Painting

Paul Jacob Naftel was a self-taught watercolour artist and was the only Guernsey born professional painter of the 19th century.