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Arts and crafts in Borders

Borders has a population of around 114,000 and covers approximately 1,826 square miles. Here is a list of counties in Borders: Scottish Borders.

Rainbows and Glitter

Rainbows and Glitter

Lauder, Scottish Borders

Our bottles are moulded and slumped for 11 hours in a kiln at temperatures up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit to make unique goods that are ...

Purple Sage Handcrafted Ltd

Purple Sage Handcrafted Ltd

Hawick, Scottish Borders

We use only 100 percent natural ingredients to make cold processed handmade soaps in small batches. Our products do not contain any detergents ...

James Augustus Henry Murray

(Born 1837 in Denholm in Scottish Borders), Nonfiction

Murray was the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary between 1879 and his death in 1915. It is interesting to note that he left school at 14 because his parents could not afford the school feel.

James Hogg

(Born 1770 in Selkirk in Scottish Borders), Fiction, Poetry

Writing both in English and Scots, Hogg wrote poetry, short stories, satirical sermons, essays and an unautorised biography of Sir Walter Scott.