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“UKCraftFairs has brought our events more contacts with both crafters and customers. The interactions on the site have been most useful. I found the advice on setting up a fair absolutely invaluable. Generally I find this an expertly run organisation.” Exhibitor - Ros Sharman

“We have made some great contacts through the UKCraftFairs site and will continue to use it. Its easy to use, practical and informative.” Emma Gray, Organiser

Making the most of your membership - pdf

UKCraftFairs is primarily an application trying to connect two people together, so that they can learn, sell or see something. So, we have tried to give all members the same functionality. However, it is good to get yourself in the correct area of the site by choosing your membership type wisely. This will influence where what you add appears and who will find it. That said, you can change it later.

Features are the things that you can do with the site to help grow your business. As much as possible the site lets you choose the content you want to add and where that content will appear.

The good news is you can change your mind. If today you’re a florist but tomorrow your running craft fairs, you can adjust your membership to fit you. All the pictures you add you can change, all the text you add is editable.

Also, you can do as much or as little work on your listings as you want. Obviously, the more effort you put in the more rewards you will get but that is a general truth in life.

So how do you know, what to do and when. The Making the most of your membership document is a great place to get started. As a document, it is growing along with the site. It helps you to understand the site a little better perhaps finding something that has been developed specifically with your activities in mind. It helps to point you in the right direction when you first join, hopefully saving you a little time. It also goes into a little detail so will help current members to learn a few tips and tricks.

The site itself has lots of helpful hints by the forms where you add your details to help you create as good a profile as possible.

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There is a small charge for membership of the site, which includes benefits and features relevant to the craft community. Being a paying member helps to support both you and the rest of the craft community in the UK, who are using the site.

The current pricing structure is: Monthly, Quarterly or Annual

Please note that your first payment is not refundable, as it is assumed that the service has been used.

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