Squished Gin Bottle

Squished Gin Bottle

Upcycled Gin Bottle Phone rest

Squashed glass bottle - Recycled flat gin bottle - this gin bottle has had a visit to the kiln in order for its squished look - they have to be in the kiln for at least 24 hours!

This bottle has been flatten just enough to keep the writing - in this case its a Hendricks Gin - a lovely shape and as can be seen from the pictures mutli-tasking !- Great for you desk to keep your phone in one place! Or do you cook at lot - one of these would look great resting your stiring spoon on - the possibilities are endless just needs your imagination to run wild

SIZE : Approx 200mm x 140mm

COLOUR : Brown (ish)

Guide price: 20.00 - Handmade

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