Mini bolt of ribbons Pink silver cream white

Mini bolt of ribbons Pink silver cream white

Mini bolt of ribbons. Pink ribbon. Happy mothers day ribbon. Elastic. Elastic ribbon. Happy birthday ribbon. Thank you ribbon. 25 meters

This is a ribbon selection i have picked out and bundled together. As you can see from the picture, these are very complimentary but also very different at the same time which makes them a great purchase.


With some wired and some non wired, you do get a great range of item which you can use for many different applications.

This includes

5 meters of our lovely blush pink 25mm Mothers Day ribbon.

10 meters of the Silver Elastic Ribbon. Great match for the mothers day ribbon if you are using this for a present or card!

5 meters of our super luxurious 25mm cream grosgrain and printed Thank You ribbon. Literally a million and 1 ways to use this.

And last but not least our unisex single sided satin printed ribbon with pink, duck yellow, soft green and baby blue typography and balloons.

Please note if 2 lots are ordered unless specified, they will come as two individual miniature ribbon bolts and not as one long continuous piece of ribbon.

These are all hand cut, wrapped and package please allow a small allowance over 5 percent when measuring the items received due to human error! (although were pretty darn good!)

Please note that although we measure everything and cut 99 percent of it ourselves, sometimes there are joins in the ribbon which come to us from our suppliers, so please be aware of that and dont leave any negative feedback if you received this. Thank you :)

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