Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast

Countryside Christmas - Robin Redbreast decoration

Gorgeously tactile dECOrations! Combining vintage wool with different textured fabrics makes each Robin soft and a delight to touch. Each Robin is perched on a branch with red berries made from either driftwood or found sticks with reclaimed beads or buttons threaded onto wire. With feet shaped using rusted craft wire, these Robin Redbreast dECOrations capture one of our countrys beautiful birds. Hung on wire in a window or on the branches of a christmas tree, they are an original, unique dECOration.

Mae Kandoos dECOrations provide an alternative to mass produced disposable decorations. Using reclaimed and vintage materials (wire excluded) that are carefully stitched on a sewing machine, each dECOration is made to last. Each year, they are a lovely reminder of the family or friends who have sent them as a gift for Christmas time.

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