Handmade Pet Pouches

Handmade Pet Pouches

Elevate pet-carrying with our handmade pouches! Stylish, comfortable, and practical. Perfect for furry companions of all sizes and ages. Enjoy outings with ease!

Introducing our handmade pet pouches, the perfect solution for carrying your furry friends in style and comfort! Whether you have a tiny baby pet who cant walk yet or an older companion who needs a rest but still wants to join in on the fun, our pouches have got you covered. Featuring a padded handle and a clip for attaching pet accessories, theyre both fashionable and practical. Made to withstand muddy adventures, our pouches are washable for easy cleaning. With a weight capacity of up to 8kg, theyre suitable for pets of various sizes, depending on your strength capabilities.
Elevate your pet-carrying experience with our cozy and convenient pouches!

Guide price: 40.00 - Handmade


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