Windows of the Soul Redemption

Windows of the Soul Redemption

Oil painting on stretched canvas . in panels, moving clockwise from bottom right to top right

The painting moves in panels, moving clockwise from bottom right to top right as follows: In the bottom right panel a person is standing, looking to the left( I purposely did not specify whether this is male or female). What the person sees (therefore the eye, as window of the soul), is hellfire in the future, but also, the bottom of the bloodied Cross, which leads upwards to the top left panel, where the world is firstly depicted as without form and void (on the extreme left) and then the earth after creation, with the moon and other stars and planets. Therefore the Bible lies open at Genesis, with light flowing from it and also the hand of God reaching to touch Adams hand. The person can either accept the message of Genesis and the bloodied Cross or not. In the last panel, top right, the result of the decision is indicated: either an apocalypse (therefore the explosion, which might lead to eternal death) or a revelation, which will lead to the soul being redeemed and changed forever( also an explosion, this time of truth)

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