Viking Hair Stick

Viking Hair Stick

Hand forged Viking Style Hair Sticks

Hair Sticks are a beautiful addition to any outfit or makes an awesome gift!
Each pin is unique as they are individually handmade.
Made from 6mm square or 4mm round bar of differing styles and lengths.
Frequently used as cloak pins, eating spikes, or as a general handy tool such as a marlin spike.
Each one of these metal hair sticks are handmade by Richard Davies in his workshop in the Cambridgeshire Fens.
They are heated to an orange heat in the forge and worked over an anvil using a 2lb hammer to prepare the end to form the decorative end and followed by establishing the twists ( 6mm square bar) and finally in drawing down the tip to form a rounded tip (to avoid mishaps), then quenched in water and finally burnished with a rotary wire brush and coated with a light oil to prevent any rusting..
They suit the longer hair styles and will enhance the desired effect of the wearer.
Measurements are indicative due to drawing down of the tip.
The 20 cm 6mm square bar weigh in the region of 40 - 70g.
The 14-16cm square bar weigh in the region of 40 - 45g.
The 20cm 4mm round bar weigh in the region of 0f 20 - 30g.
Purchasing multiple hair sticks or requests for different lengths are treated as a custom order with a discounted price, so why not just ask?
6mm square bar Crooked
6mm square bar Mouse tail
4mm round bar Mouse tail
4mm round bar Crooked

We do not use single use plastic in the production of this item.

Guide price: 15.00 - Handmade

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