10mm square bar Campfire folding trivet

10mm square bar Campfire folding trivet

Hand forged 10mm square bar Campfire folding trivet, hand forged, bush craft, wild camping, back packing, scouting, hiking, canoeing

Hand forged by Richard Davies in his workshop in the fens in Chatteris,
The standard size campfire folding trivet is made of 10mm square steel bar approximately 25 - 30 x 10 cm, it is in a three legged pivoting arrangement.
The long rail is between starts from 25 - 30cm and can be up to 55cm, the two are 8 -10cm high , the rail has an offset forged flat where the shorter rail is rivetted together to form the swing arm of the trivet table. When opened fully the approximate spread is 15cm but this increases with the larger lengths.
When folded flat the legs are offset to assist ease of opening.
Commonly used by placing over hot embers on a campfire / BBQ to create a base for pots, pans or kettles.
They have a wire brushed burnish finish and to prevent rusting a light coating of oil is recommended.
The standard weight is approximately 0.6 / 0.7 kg.
Being hand forged they may differ slightly from the photographs.
Priced at 25 for the standard and 30 for longer sets.
If low stock levels or if sold out please allow 5 - 7 days to manufacture and dispatch.

We do not use single use plastic in the production of this item.

Guide price: 25.00 - Handmade

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