Scrimshaw products

Scrimshaw products

A selection of scrimshaw pieces from bovine, deer and lamb

Scrimshaw or the use of bone sections from creatures has been used through out the ages.
The uses vary from needles to awls to simple knives or scrapers to name a few, they are still being used today and this can be seen in Nalbinding an ancient form of knitting. The uses as awls was to prick holes through animal skins prior to sewing together using the sinews of animals.
The bones are sourced from joints of meat from local suppliers.
Following removal of the flesh the bones are boiled to ensure all marrow or loose material is removed to clean the bones prior to splitting or cutting into more workable pieces. They are soaked in a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide to sterilise and remove staining in the bones. The bones are then worked into the finished shape buy a combination of drilling, sawing, splitting with any rough edges sanded to produce a smooth finish. A coating of bees wax is applied and the finished piece is buffed to produce a reflective patina.
The blanks are then ready for any further work such as carving or engraving by the Artisan.
Similarly Antlers are also used and cleaned in a similar manner. These are frequently used as handles for knives and other hand tools as well as whistles and key fobs.

We do not use single use plastic in the production of this item.


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