Hand Forged Metal Craft

Hand Forged Metal Craft

Hand Forged Viking Style Jewellery, Campfire cooking products

The mystique of the forge has always fascinated me so since retiring I started learning and practicing the art of Blacksmithing in my workshop in the Cambridgeshire Fens.
These decorative forged jewellery and campfire cooking pieces were used by the Vikings and throughout the Medieval periods up to and including the modern era. They are favourites of the LARP re-enactment groups as well as being used as props in the entertainment industries.

The process follows the process of heating the work piece to a red, yellow or white heat to make it soft and malleable, in this state its shape is altered by the use of force of hammer blows striking the piece against an anvil, similarly it can be bent, twisted, flattened or to any other combination to obtain the desired shape or form. the finished piece is then quenched to cool and cleaned with a wire brush to remove any scale created during the forging process.
Being hand made every piece in the jewellery range is unique and make a beautiful addition to any outfit or makes an awesome gift!
The campfire cooking range covers Tripods, Trivets, Trammels, Hooks, Skewers etc.
The are also garden ornamental products although these tend to be custom orders.

We do not use single use plastic in the production of this item.

Guide price: 15.00 - Handmade

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