Leather Costrel

Leather Costrel

Hand sewn leather costrels in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Hand made Leather Costrels in in different styles/sizes being hand made every Costrel is unique so minor alterations from the pictures are possible. The sizes / volumes vary dependant on the style. The standard costrel holds approximately 55cl or 1 pint with the largest holding 3.5Litres or 6 and 1/2 pints.
These have been designed and made by myself with veg tan leather, saddle stitched, with a hand turned wood stopper and sealed with a mixture of beeswax and food grade pine resin.
The process: 2 pieces of Veg Tan leather is cut to the desired shape, marked out with a comb type punch and sewn together with waxed thread.
The opening for the stopper is eased open and the shape is formed by filling the wet leather pouch with ceramic cooking beads and then allowing to dry. Once the beads have been removed a hot mixture of wax/resin is applied into the inside of the pouch until the leather is saturated and then allowed to cool and harden into to the finished shape. The hand turned wooden stopper is then tied to the costrel with a piece of leather thong.
A water test is undertaken to prove the costrel and to establish the volume.
Care must be taken to avoid the Costrels being exposed to sunlight or to heat sources as this may soften the wax/resin and cause distortion or leakage to occur.


We do not use single use plastic in the production of this item.

Guide price: 50.00 - Handmade

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