Mirror craft Interior Decor gift for Mothers Day

Mirror craft Interior Decor gift for Mothers Day

Glad to meet you through my mirrors! Welcome ! Mothers Day! In the morning, before you leave your house, stop for a second. Let this golden pattern frame y

I hope this mirror fills your room with color and joy!
This sunburst mirror is ~30 cm .

But I offer mirrors in various sizes and shapes!

Youre welcomed to request other colors to make this item truly yours!
You may refer to any other mirrors that are available in my shop for color inspiration :)
Crafting mirrors (Im ordering from a local glazier here )
Stained glass paints
Glossy Varnish
Hanging hook
Premium rhinestones are made of glass on high-precision equipment. The number of facets is 12. The pure colors of strazy can sparkle and shimmer in the light no more than famous brands.

I got into stained glass painting a 10 of years ago.
The first pattern I ever painted was a tiny cityscape along the edge of a round mirror.
It left some space in the middle allowing any person who finds their reflection in this piece to become the center of this tiny world. Unique gift for family.

That was a perfect metaphor for the message I want to spread with my art.

Its extremely easy to feel unheard, unloved, or not needed in this fast-paced world.
But regardless of where this mirror ends up - in a gift box for your friend, or in your own living room - I want the owner to remember: you are important, you are loved and valued.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

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