Nail Cuticle Oil Lemongrass Ho Wood

Nail Cuticle Oil Lemongrass Ho Wood

This unique blend of superb quality and high performance oils have been hand blended for their superior and powerful effect on skin and nails.

The superbly light texture ensures quick absorption, deeply nourishing and revitalising skin and nails without any greasy residue.
When applied to cuticles and the surrounding tissue, this oil nourishes and smooths dry and cracked skin from day 1, and is best applied at least once a day and at a time when you will not be washing your hands for at least twenty minutes. This will minimise dry skin and hang nails and help to stop chewing and biting of the skin surrounding nails!

When applied to nails, the oil is absorbed into all the spaces in between the nails cells, creating a barrier and preventing water loss from the inside and stops excessive water being absorbed from the outside when washing your hands, bathing etc. Thus, helping to prevent peeling and splitting of the layers of nail tissue which repeated exposure to water can cause. This amazing little Nail Oil can help to contribute to creating tough nails, toughness is a harmonious balance between strength and flexibility.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

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