Light up Resin Christmas tree

Light up Resin Christmas tree

Light Up christmas tree full with baubbles green tree with a chilly red base

The small light up christmas tree is made out of Epoxy crystal clear slow cure resin. The colours are mixed part A and part B IN liquid form, before cure I pop in a few drops of Grass Green resin ink and Chilly Red Pepper. The lights I use purley made for resin type craft art and runs on a two button sized batteries called CR2032. The Epoxy Resin has no odour . All though its always recomended due to sensitivity and rash in its intial form it could cause slight irritation. As the Resin has set and cured at purchase stage , there is no adverse affect at all. I have been working with epoxy resin for 10 years and I and others have confirmed they also have had no side effects. I always follow epoxy resin manufactors advise when mixing etc.


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