Ripple Top Ash Foot Stool

Ripple Top Ash Foot Stool

Hand Crafted Foot Stool - with carved texture seat top - Solid Ash

Four Legged Ash Foot Stool / Fireside Stool / Childs Stool

Small but sturdy stool could also be used as a side table / plant stand or small stepping stool.

This stool has been skilfully crafted using only hand tools giving it a more traditional handmade appeal. The seat top is made from one single piece of ash, with a thickness of approximately 25mm, giving the stool a solid, sturdy feel - sawn to size by hand, flattened and smoothed using only hand planes. A textured ripple pattern has been carved into the top for lovely tactile finish.
The four leg holes were drilled using a traditional brace and bit 1 diameter.

The legs are cut by hand from a single length of ash - tapered from square using hand planes chiselled and carved round at the top to create the tenons.

The legs are secured to the seat top using glue and ash wedges hammered home to provide the tightest fit which will last for years.

The stool is finished in two stages, firstly one coat of hard wax oil applied by brush - once dry then a second coat, this time of wax polish is applied using wire wool to give a beautifully smooth sheen tactile finish.

These are handmade pieces so manufacturing tool marks may be visible.

Overall Dimensions: H: ~295mm, W: ~340mm D: ~210mm

Seat Top Dimensions: W: ~325mm, D: ~200mm, Thickness: ~25mm

Please note all dimension are approximate, each stool has its own unique dimensions.

Price stated is for 1 stool.


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