Laying on daisies

Laying on daisies

High Quality print of an a4 achromatic monotype print I produced in 2022 in which I focussed on tonal variation and contextualisation of form.

In 2022 I looked to develop upon progress I had made in my practice of producing monotype prints. In looking to develop my skill level, I branched out from what i commonly produced (portraiture) pushing into more experimental and challenging subjects, references for these pieces commonly coming from photographs I had taken with my film camera.
The softness and etherial feel to the photograph is what drew me to it and gave me a reference to produce this work from when creating this piece.

I produced the original print using a reductive monotype method removing black Cranfield relief ink from an a4 plastic matrix.

Having scanned the image in I am now doing a limited run of 100 prints of the original piece. Yours, would be 1 of the 100 being produced.

Guide price: 12.50


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