Celtic Love Knot Bracelet

Celtic Love Knot Bracelet

Hand - knotted faux suede bracelet.

Cost 1.00 plus P+P, available in a range of colours.
The Celtic Love knot comprises of two interlocking hearts symbolising the love between two people. Celtic knots are unbroken loops interlaced around each other showing no beginning or no end. This unbroken motif represents faith, eternity and love.

The Celtic love Knot symbolises everlasting love between two people and is also known as Anam Cara Knot which translates as a soul friend. Traditionally Celts exchanged Love Knots like couples exchange rings today and these knots can be found in many Celtic wedding rings. Additionally people use Celtic Knots in jewellery, tattoos, logos and embroidery to symbolise eternal love.

Each bracelet measure approx 30cm in length and can be tied to fit the individual wrist.


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