Wiccan Altar Statues Spiral Goddess Horned God

Wiccan Altar Statues Spiral Goddess Horned God

Elevate your Wiccan altar with my handcrafted resin statues. The Spiral Goddess and Horned God embody divine energy in exquisite detail.

Enhance the sacred space of your Wiccan altar with my handcrafted Spiral Goddess and Horned God statues. Made with high-quality resin, these pieces capture the essence of divine energy.

The Spiral Goddess statue represents the eternal cycle of life, growth, and transformation. With her graceful spiraling form, she symbolizes feminine power, intuition, and the connection to the goddess within.

The Horned God statue embodies the masculine energies of the wild and untamed. With his majestic antlers and strong presence, he represents the primal forces of nature, fertility, and the hunt. His commanding stance makes him a striking addition to any Wiccan altar.

Available in a range of colors, these statues can be customized by request to suit your personal aesthetic and altar theme. Whether you prefer earthy tones that evoke a connection to nature or vibrant hues that reflect your energetic spirit, I will bring your vision to life.

My hand-made Wiccan altar statues are designed to inspire and empower your spiritual practice, ensuring that they become cherished symbols of your devotion and connection to the divine.

Elevate your altar space with my Spiral Goddess and Horned God statues, and awaken the sacred energies within your Wiccan practice.

Guide price: 40.00 - Handmade


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