Labradorite Carved Skull Gothic Pendant

Labradorite Carved Skull Gothic Pendant

Introducing our Handcrafted Copper Wire-Wrapped Labradorite Skull Pendant, a mesmerizing fusion of rustic charm and ethereal beauty.

Expertly crafted with bare copper, this pendant boasts intricate wire wrapping that enshrouds a captivating labradorite skull at its core. Step into a world of enchantment, where each pendant tells a unique tale of the universes hidden wonders. Unveil the magic, and let the enigmatic dance of colours within the labradorite skull whisk you away on a journey of endless fascination.

and 10024 A Dance of Enchantment: Unveiling the Labradorite Skull

Delve into a world of mystique with our captivating Labradorite Skull Gemstone Pendant. Crafted with passion and artistry, this pendant exudes an enchanting gothic vibe, perfect for those seeking a touch of dark elegance.

and 128171 An Iridescent Symphony: Mesmerizing Labradorite

This pendant showcases a hand-carved labradorite skull at 63mm high, including the intricately adorned bale and 20mm wide. Its iridescent secrets dance within the depths, captivating all who gaze upon its bewitching beauty.

and 127769 A Perfect Pairing: Complimentary Black Cord

Embrace the allure with the included 2mm black cord featuring a handmade hook and eye clasp. This perfect pairing adds a final touch of artistry to the pendant, ensuring a seamless and comfortable fit.

and 128302 Handcrafted Excellence: Wire Wrapping Unleashed

Imbued with rustic goth style, this pendant is meticulously handcrafted using wire wrapping techniques. Every twist and turn of the wire adds intricate detailing to the bale, elevating its allure to unparalleled heights.

and 127756 Unearthed Elegance: Antiqued Copper Unveiled

Crafted from bare copper and antiqued to perfection, the pendant exudes a vintage-inspired charm. This antiqued copper finish adds a touch of timelessness, accentuating the rustic goth allure of the pendant.

Unleash Your Inner Enigma:

Indulge in the enigmatic allure of our Handcrafted Labradorite Skull Gemstone Pendant. Its not merely jewellery its an embodiment of art, craftsmanship, and the mysterious wonders of the universe. Each pendant is a unique expression of the cosmos, waiting to find its kindred spirit. Embrace the beauty, the darkness, and the ethereal dance of colours as you wear this pendant, making a statement that is uniquely yours.

and 128073 Sustainable Packaging: Eco-Friendly Kraft Gift Box

At Crafted by Mummy, we are committed to sustainable practices. Your pendant will arrive meticulously presented in an eco-friendly, recyclable kraft gift box. We believe in reducing single-use plastic, and our packaging aligns with our environmental dedication.

and 128073 Care Instructions: Preserving the Beauty of Your Pendant

Store your copper jewellery in top condition in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Over time, copper will naturally develop a charming patina. Still, any excess tarnish can be easily removed using the enclosed polishing cloth. We recommend avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals and regularly cleaning your pendant with a soft cloth or jewellery-specific cleaning solution. Please remove your pendant before participating in sports, showering/bathing, or sleeping to prolong its longevity.

and 128073 Embrace Timeless Beauty: Symbolism and Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite is renowned for its captivating play of colours, symbolizing transformation and providing spiritual protection. Combined with coppers grounding and balancing properties, this pendant becomes a powerful accessory that enhances your style and connects you to the energies of the earth.

and 128073Professional Wax Polish: Preserving the Antique Finish

To help preserve the alluring antique finish and slow down further oxidation, a light coating of professional wax polish has been applied to the pendant. Over time, this wax polish will naturally wear off, allowing the pendant to develop a beautiful, darker patina. This natural ageing process adds to the pendants charm, making it even more extraordinary with time.

and 128073 Additional Information:

and 127800 Please review the pictures and read our shop policies carefully before placing your order. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

and 127800 Avoid using household cleaners or other products that might discolour the finish of the earrings.

and 127800Shipping is FREE via Royal Mail, 48 hr Tracked with the UK. For International parcels, we use Royal Mails International Tracked service.

and 127800Please note that we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by customs or the postal service.

and 127800While we strive to capture accurate representations of each piece in our photographs, please remember that colour can vary on different monitors and devices.

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We do not use single use plastic in the production of this item.

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