When the deep purple falls

When the deep purple falls

Young guy in a cerulean blue shirt, playing trumpet against pinkish and purple background

Oil painting 18x24 inches on canvas, stretched over wooden frame, with sides painted, so there is no need to frame this picture: it is ready to go up on the wall.
This is another one in my series of musicians that I have observed when I was a music recording engineer.
Here the guy in his cerulean blue shirt is playing his golden trumpet against a reddish-pink background, speckled with dots and splashes, indicating falling objects, that turn purple as they come down. The notes coming out of his trumpet are specifically painted to indicate the song, Deep Purple: (When the deep purple falls...) and the red/pink turns to deep purple Of course, the rest of the song goes ..over sleepy garden walls: indicated at the bottom of the scene: a garden gate and some viridian, cadmium yellow and bright crimson vegetation along a stone pathway. I have always been very fond of this song and it was a delight to depict it here in oils. The guys hands on the valves of the trumpet are specifically placed and indicate the exact way of holding a trumpet to ones mouth, on to the lips, with his cheeks slightly puffed to produce the air that is neede to produce the notes.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

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