Zebra grazing

Zebra grazing

Widlife oil painting on canvas in mauves, yellows, umbers, blue and green with white and balck zebra

Oil painting on canvas, stretched across a 23x30 inches frame with sides painted, so there is no need to have it framed: it can go on the wall as is.
A wildlife scene with nine zebra (one being a young foal), grazing in the knee-high grass on the African veld. While most of the animals are enjoying the grazing with their heads buried in the green and golden grass, the stallion is keeping guard, peering into the mauve distance of the landscape, ready to give the signal if a predator should suddenly appear.
Although there are some dark blue rainclouds around, the sky seems to be clearing up.
The foreground gets darker towards us as the foliage changes to burnt sienna and an orangey umber to create more earthy tones. A peaceful scene that brings a variety of colours into a home. I loved stabbing the bristles of the brush into the canvas to create the rainy feet of the cobalt blue into the sky with it: it reminded me of the way van Gogh used to crush his brush into the canvas sometimes. I love using different techniques: smooth brushwork for the main part of the skies, with more definite brushstrokes for the grassland and different detailed work on the zebras themselves. The foreground also has some splashing to create a sand and stone feel.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

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