Greatstone Romney Marsh

Greatstone Romney Marsh

Oil painting of fields and sky near Romney Marsh in pale yellow, burnt umber, and blue sky

This is an oil painting of the fields at Greatstone, near Romney Marsh, in pale cadmium yellow and white , burnt umber, with a threatening blue sky. It is 16x20 inches big, done on canvas, stretched over a wooden frame, with the sides painted, so there is no need for framing it: it can go directly onto the wall.
Romney Marsh is a sparsely populated wetland area in the counties of Kent and East Sussex in the south-east of England. It covers about 100 square miles (260 km2). Due to its location, geography, and isolation, it was a smugglers paradise between the 1600s and 1800s. Criss-crossed with numerous waterways, and with some areas lying below sea level, the Marsh has over time sustained a gradual level of reclamation, both through natural causes and by human intervention.
The painting shows some of the vegetation in burnt umber, VanDyke brown and vermillion, with seeds being scattered into the air across the fields and signs of rain (either approaching or leaving) in the cerulean and Phatalo blue sky. Far in the distance are some sand dunes and dark hills, with slight indications of the ocean here and there..
I loved painting this because it gave me the opportunity to splash paint across the canvas and also to exercise some of the techniques I have learned over the years with the interaction of linseed oil and turpentine to produce stunning effects.

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