Fighting Oryx

Fighting Oryx

Two oryx bulls fighting in pale yellowish landscape, with others watching. from the dunes behind

Two oryx bulls fighting in a semi-desert landscape. their scimitar-like horns entangling, with females and younger ones looking on. The ier pelage is pale ochre with contrasting dark, almost black markings and whip-like black tails with The field is covered with pale yellow sand and dark umber stones, with tan and brown dunes in the background. The oryx is the national emblem of Namibia, as well as the state of Qatar. They live in near desert conditions and can survive without water for a long time. The have also been called sabre antelopes or gemsbok and those scimitar horns have been known to kill lions.
It is painted on canvas, stretched over a 18x24 inch frame, and the sides are painted as well, so there is no need to frame it: it is ready to be hung.

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