Smart Skincare the naked truth

Smart Skincare the naked truth

This book is a no-nonsense guide of universal truths for the modern day that will change the way you look at your skincare forever.

SMART SKINCARE – the naked truth - In this book, skincare specialist and consultant Dawn Spurgeon sets out to bust the myths, erase the jargon and separate the fads from the facts, highlighting the Naked Truth behind what we need to know about caring for our skin at each stage in life. For every level of skincare enthusiast or professional therapist seeking to learn more.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER By explaining the core principles of good skincare, common conditions and the primary active ingredients in popular products across the world, Dawn strips back the narrative and empowers you to make well-informed product choices tailored to your needs. Smart Skincare – the Naked Truth is a no-nonsense guide of universal truths for the modern day that will change the way you look at your skincare forever, helping you choose treatments and products that are customised to your needs, rather than those which are most popular. The conditions discussed, ingredients mentioned and products featured, are relatable across the globe, giving this book a truly international flavour.

By cutting out the noise and focusing on the science, Dawn empowers you to make smart skincare choices for every stage in your life and on any budget, flagging up common myths, providing tips and tricks, and highlighting some skincare breakthroughs endorsed by experts from across the world.

Presented in an easy-to-read and reference format, this is a professional insight and comprehensive guide into what can seem an overly complicated area of self-care. Just as an effective SPF provides protection against ageing, this book will protect you against the myriad myths and mixed messages flooding the skincare industry. It will enable you spend your money wisely and shop with more confidence for healthier, more beautiful skin.

While products may come and go, the learnings from this book will last a lifetime and equip you to manage your own skincare more effectively. Alongside an introduction to under-the-radar brands and the inside track on their products and ingredients, Smart Skincare – the Naked Truth serves as a training manual for your skin. This fact-rich book will provide you with the tools to develop a more effective skincare routine and adapt it for different life stages, while sharing tips and tricks that you’ve not read elsewhere.

Smart Skincare – the Naked Truth - Is a personal education in how emotional, physical and lifestyle wellbeing interacts with the science of skincare and serves as an essential tool for anyone who cares about their skin.

Chapters Include:
Your Skin: How It Works
A Basic Guide to Ingredients
Cleansing, toners, exfoliating Your Skin, masques
Serums, moisturisers, eye care
Your Home Skincare Regime
Your Skin Changing with the Seasons
Your Skin Through the Years
Great Skin: Fuel from the Inside
Packaging: Does it matter
Facial Treatments
Smart Skincare Guide

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