Rosemary Soap

Rosemary Soap

Lovely, fresh scent with a gorgeous clean feeling

Speedwells rosemary soap is definitely one of my favourites and I generally keep a bar of it above the kitchen sink for when I come in from a dog walk, or from the garden (its a fantastic gardeners soap). The added rosemary essential oil keeps its lovely fresh herby scent, plus the rosemary is home grown on my allotment. I tend to make some batches with fresh ground rosemary in and some without (so if youre ordering, just let me know how you prefer it). Its coloured with gorgeous montmorillontie clay with the overall effect of leaving you feeling clean and fresh. Its just wonderful and keeps its scent for ages!

Rosemary is good for your gut health, for keeping your liver healthy, for hair growth, its an anti-inflammatory and its a good stress reliever too.

Ingredients: sodium olivate (saponified olive oil) sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil sodium shea butterate (saponified shea butter) water glycerine (a by-product of making the soap) sodium castorate (saponified castor oil). Theres also limonene and linalool - but theyre already a constituent part of the essential oils, not an additive. They can, however, be allergens, so if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Because my soaps are natural soaps, coloured only with botanicals and scented only with essential oils, theyre best used within about six months from the date of purchase. Having said that, Ive used some that are older than this and theyve been perfectly fine, so do bear that in mind. Most importantly, all Speedwells soaps are handmade in small batches, vegan, palm oil free, preservative free and of course cruelty free.

For external use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

As these are handmade products, weights may vary but all the soaps are between 68g - 110g depending on the mould used. The standard mould is the tree of life mould which is 110g.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

Guide price: 5.00 - Handmade


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