I Can Tower

I Can Tower

You are the Pot of Gold...

Showing the relationship between who you are, the mind, words, action and feelings, this interactive and beautiful sculpture painted with gold and white paint and made with wooden circles and a stick, captures the previously unseen aspects of human nature. You can take yourself to pieces by removing the circles of wood, and discover what who you are is by reading and understanding the carvings that are hidden on the Stick Self. By replacing the circles back onto the stick, in the right order, you can then see precisely what words lead to which actions, which actions ignite certain parts of the self and then what feeling this creates.

These sculptures are beautiful items in themselves, but opportunities for deeper learning is available by either attending free online workshops for the I Can Tower, or by enrolling into the Energy Dynamic Model Academy (15 a year) and taking the 6 online courses which reveal to you the hidden mystery of human nature.
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We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

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