Cards for Him

Cards for Him

Card designs for the Male in your life

White card base with a male design feature.

All cards are handmade by us, so are unique in the fact we can never make the same card exactly the same every time. Placement might be slightly different, Card stock colours slightly different.

Design 1 - Shirt and Tie
Design 2 - Bubbles
Design 3 - Gardening
Design 4 - With Love
Design 5 - Button Shirt
Design 6 - Bow tie

These cards come with a White envelope. Stocks are running low on some designs and we aim to remake and restock this as quickly as possible.

Please Note the colour of the Design feature may vary slightly due to card/ paper stocks available. I would also like to add that these are not Store brought cards made via a factory machine they are had made folded etc by us. this takes time and we can not product at a cost of a factory.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

Guide price: 3.25 - Handmade


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