Tsumami kanzashi hair stick

Tsumami kanzashi hair stick

Gorgeous wooden kanzashi with pretty chirimen flower.

Beautiful handmade kanzashi hair stick with petals made of two tones of
blue chirimen and sparkling ornaments.

The flower on a wooden stick is made using the traditional Japanese
Tsumami-zaiku technique and the cloth of fabric used for them are chirimen crepe
and made in Kyoto, Japan.
The dangling ornament can be rotated so it can be worn from either the right or left side.

Please kindly handle with care as chirimen is a very sensitive and delicate fabric.
The fabric may shrink and deform in shape when contact with water so please
stay away from water.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Thank you very much for viewing.

Guide price: 26.80 - Handmade


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