Folked Up

Folked Up

YA comic fantasy novel

When musicians Matty and Sandy crack open a dusty old book of folk songs, they hope to escape into the whimsical stylings of the past. They dont expect to actually be taken there.

Yet just a few notes sung from its cursed pages whisks them away to the world of Old England and all its hey-nonny-nonnies, myths and magic. In a dire twist of fate, Sandy is taken prisoner by the heartbroken Lord Donald who seeks to sacrifice her in the hope of resurrecting his lost love.

Knowing he must find Sandy and stop the murderous Lord before May Day, Matty needs allies now more than ever. Can a lustful witch and a plucky swordswoman guide him through the musically-induced mayhem of this strange - yet oddly familiar - world? Or is Sandy well and truly folked?

Guide price: 7.99


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