Glass Tapestry Range 22 x 24 cm Bowl

Glass Tapestry Range 22 x 24 cm Bowl

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and 128312 This handmade, food safe, polished, fused glass tapestry platter would make a stunning fruit bowl, a candle holder or simply, but grandiosely, a statement piece.

and 128313Our geometrically designed, shiny tapestry bowl of red, vanilla, orange, aqua and amber offers a warm, attractive design whilst creating depth through the illusion that some rows are elevated.

and 128313Our striking colourful fused glass bowls have been created using the Tapestry Technique. Stringers (1mm slim glass pieces) have been fired on to transparent glass, arranged in an innovative pattern reminiscent of weaving, and refired before being ultimately slumped in an eye catching statement bowl that would add an artistic touch to any table.

and 9642 and 65039Size: 22 x 24 cams.

and 128315We handcraft each product in the shop, carefully selecting colours and creating the design using designer glass hand rolled and imported from the United States. We can offer bespoke designs upon request.

and 128314During the glass fusion process small air bubbles can appear and become trapped within the glass, which is a natural occurrence that adds to the beauty of handmade products.

and 9643 and 65039For products of more than one quantity, please note that the picture may not be an exact replica of the design shown. Although great care is taken to create identical items, due to the handmade process and the organic quality of glass, we cannot guarantee this.

Additional items may be commissioned.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

Guide price: 95.50 - Handmade


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