Honeysuckle and Elderflower Luxury Reed Diffuser

Honeysuckle and Elderflower Luxury Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

and 127872 Luxury Reed Diffuser in the gorgeous Winter Honeysuckle and Elderflower fragrance.

and 127872 Honeysuckle and Elderflower Fragrance Oil is a luscious, winter floral fragrance gently unfolds with subtle citrus nuances of mandarin and lemon, enhanced by succulent winter berries. The fragrance comes into full bloom through floral notes of frosted honeysuckle, jasmine and elderflower while the sensuous fond of sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk completes the fragrance.

and 127872 This stylish diffuser decorates the home while steadily infusing scent through interiors.
Create a fragrance that will diffuse around your room that will last for up to 12 weeks.


Reed diffusers are very simply to use.

1.Remove the metal screw cap and plastic plug, and screw the metal screw cap back onto the bottle.

2. Immerse your reeds into the liquid and allow them to soak up the oil. Once they have absorbed some of the oil, flip them to begin the release of the beautiful scented home fragrance.

3. Use caution when flipping the reeds and be sure to clean the vessel of any fragrance oil drips before placing on a delicate surface.

4. Youíll need to flip your reeds regularly, we suggest every few days, to keep the scent fresh and fragrant. Keep in mind that the more your flip, the quicker the oil will evaporate.


1. We recommend using a coaster or matt under your reed diffuser as oil drips can cause damage to wooden, painted, varnished or plastic surfaces. Itís also a good idea to flip the reeds over a sink.

2. If you decide the change the oil, make sure you change the reeds too. Not only can reeds get dusty and clogged over time but mixing old fragrance on the reeds with new diffuser oil can lead to a less than perfect aroma.


The diffuser is best placed in an area of general movement to help the aroma circulate. Avoid placing near a door as this will let the aroma escape or near a radiator as this will cause the oil to evaporate more rapidly.

Diffusers donít require a flame or heat source for them to work, making them a safe and practical way to fragrance your home.

If looked after correctly following the care advice above, the Reed Diffuser and fragrance should last approximately 12 weeks.

Made with vegan friendly, cruelty free fragrance oils and superior performance Augeo non-toxic base oil.

and 10071 and 65039 and 10071 and 65039CARE NEEDED and 10071 and 65039 and 10071 and 65039
and 10071 and 65039Avoid contact with eyes.
and 10071 and 65039Keep away from Children and Animals.
and 10071 and 65039Take care when placing on a painted or polished surface.
and 10071 and 65039 Keep away from naked flames or heat sources.
and 10071 and 65039 Wash hands after use.

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

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