Strong Point Game

Strong Point Game

A fun and exciting trivia game where the aim of the game is to not only answer your own questions correctly but also predict what your opposition will score.

Fun and Exciting Trivia/Quiz Game
Its not just what YOU know... Its who KNOWS what you know! Even when itís not your turn, youíre still involved!
Test your Knowledge with 240 Categories Cards and 1200 Questions
Compact, Portable and Sustainable Design
371 High Quality Cards all produced in the UK
Quick and easy to set up, no board needed, just cards and counters, family and friends and a comfy sofa!
Age Range: 14+ (Adult, Teen) 2-6 Players (6+ for play in teams)
Designed and created in the North East of England by partners, Gill and Si

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

Guide price: £24.99

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