These Milk Soak Tea Bags are so comforting as you soak in the milky waters, with the aromas of Chocolate and 127851, Orange and 127818 and Champagne and 127870fill your bathroom.

They are definitely a comfort bath for the winter nights, and will make you want a cup of Hot Chocolate or Champagne after your bath and 128704.
Comes in fragrances also in Green Tea and Mint.
Milk, Honey and Vanilla.

This recipe helps, sooth the skin, promotes relaxation with all the benefits of some of the ingredients used. Our video shows how these work, and how much bubbles are produced with the contents of the teabag. These really are soothing and makes your skin feel so soft after your bath.

Colloidal Oatmeal is a natural anti-agent treatment.

Milk Powder keeps skin soft, hydrates and moisturises.

Kaolin Clay, gently cleanses the skin, reduces oily skin by purifying and detoxifying the pores, removing grime, pollution and dirt.

Rolled Oats reduce itching, are anti-inflammatory, and they hydrate your skin.

Pop Teabag in warm water and squeeze to release all the goodness into your bath water and enjoy. and 128156

Teabag contains 3.5oz of powder.

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Guide price: 4.75 - Handmade


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